Data Driven Solutions

imageData Group works with variable data to print shelf edge price tickets, SKU code labels, library cards, investment reports, renewal and reminder correspondence, as well as direct mail marketing campaigns and door drops.

Full Service

Fully exploit the capabilities of digital printing to engage with customers and prospects, one-to-one.

Maximise client data to make every message unique, to present the most relevant offers and to “amplify” calls to action.

Apply unique marketing codes to enable the tracking and measuring of each campaign in detail.


Retail ticketing – we make it easy. imageData were the first in the UK to provide automated ticketing solutions. We’ve been supporting clients via bespoke systems for over 40 years.

  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • Personalisation
  • Consistency & Error Reduction
  • Cost Effective
  • Client Bespoke Systems

What We've Done


IT Director

Throughout my 22 years at Image Data, I have seen the business grow into a leading supplier of client bespoke, data driven, print solution systems. On-line systems that bring ease and consistency to the end user, all developed and maintained in-house.

Working with a fantastic team, at Image Data we continue to progress, develop and innovate, as existing technologies enhance, and new technologies become available.

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