Zund Digital Cutter G3 L-3200

G3 L-3200

Enables the fast prototyping, and production of small runs for display graphics & 3D units

Automates all cutting and trimming functions and is able to finish a vast array of differentmaterials including foam materials, perspex, acrylics, vinyls and mount board up to 50mm/2”thickness.

  • Maximum plotting speed of 1000mm/sec
  • Working area of 1800mm (width) x 3200mm


Production Director

As a leader of a Lean production team, we are always looking for small gains to improve both efficiency and quality, as well as working closely with the production team, I also spend valuable time with other departments, aiming to facilitate the smoothest possible flow of work throughout the business.

I am continually evaluating developments in “Print Technology” to ensure the company is in the position to maintain its reputation as a leader in the implementation of cutting edge technology.

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