imageData Group achieves the top G7 Master Colorspace qualification

G7® allows imageData Group to match, with precision, a customer’s brand colour requirements across a variety of printed products from any technology and application; everything from in-store point of sale, to publications, packaging and labels satisfies even the strictest brand guidelines.

G7® is an industry-leading set of specifications from Idealliance® for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. It is a global standard widely used to measure the colour accuracy on any output device.

Achieving this qualification provides third-party verification that imageData Group delivers exceptional colour matching and colour consistency for our customers and ensures uncompromising colour to their brand standards.

“G7® Master qualified facilities deliver even more consistent colour reproduction for their customers,” explained Jordan Gorski, Senior Vice President, Idealliance, the awarding body.  “Participants in the G7 program pride themselves on colour management, process control, and maintaining production efficiency.”

To learn more about G7 Master Qualification, please visit httsp:// 

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