Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging
Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging
Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging
Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging
Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging
Leading the way in data-driven print and imaging

EFI Nozomi 14000 SD

Helen Birkin and Lee White recently attended the Fespa expo to finalise the deal on the purchase of the EFI Nozomi 14000 SD where they were interviewed by World of Print – installation is still on track at our Howden site with operator training due to commence next week.

Faster delivery capability convinces

Headquartered in East Yorkshire, England, imageData Group, founded in 1986, is one of the leading providers of printed communications with a total of three locations throughout the UK. To increase their product offering, capacity and range of services offered the company recently invested in an EFI Nozomi 14000 SD. We talked to Helen Birkin, CEO imageData Group, and Lee White, Operations Director imageData Group, about the benefits of commissioning the new, high-performance single-pass
inkjet press.

What is imageData Group‘s core business?

H. Birkin: We have established ourselves as a leading provider in the field of printed communications and offer a comprehensive service for Account Management, print, stock holding, pick, pack, collation, and installation for a wide range of clients from different industry sectors. At our three locations, we use a variety of printing processes from B1 litho to small and large format and on roll digital printing. Allowing us to produce all formats and deliver the most innovative visual communication to the UK‘s leading retailers and companies. Over the course of many years in this business, we have built an excellent reputation for our cost-effective print solutions, ranging from small shelf edge tickets to large environmentally friendly banners and backlit light box fabrics to posters, brochures and personalised highly secure literature such as pension statements.
For our customers, we are the business partner that helps them streamline their processes to achieve maximum automation, (particularly with artworking) greater brand consistency and to obtain graphics for their entire inventory from a single, reliable source.

What made you decide to invest in the EFI Nozomi 14000 SD?

H. Birkin: Our focus has always been on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We need to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers by continuously reinvesting and expanding our product range. In particular, the planning intervals for marketing communication and the lead times for print production are becoming increasingly tighter. In some cases, retailers expect production times of 24 hours and would like to have as many jobs as possible delivered at the same time – from POS to floor graphics and FSDUs.
This is why we decided to install the EFI Nozomi 14000 SD because it enables us to have a much faster route to market. This is a decisive competitive advantage, as the required delivery times are getting shorter and shorter, especially in the POS sector – a segment that currently accounts for around 80% of our business. At the same time, we benefit from lower production and operating costs and can print on a wide range of substrates ranging from polypropylene, foam boards and Correx to folding cartons, cardboard, paper and so much more.
The Nozomi 14000 SD will be installed at our production site in Howden, East Yorkshire, in addition to the two existing X3 Inca machines and two EFI VUTEk Q5r roll-to-roll sytems.

L. White: Our goal is to continuously deliver excellence to our customers. The Nozomi 14000 SD marks a significant game-changer for the sign and display market, as it enables extremely high print volumes combined with outstanding print quality. It will help us gain a larger market share, increase customer satisfaction, and attract new customers, whilst at the same time reducing our operating and production costs through its impressive production speed. The Nozomi 14000 SD offers maximum productivity of up to 1,100 sheets per hour, first-class image quality with CMYK and optional white, orange, and purple inks. Especially when producing on corrugated board, finishing proves to be very time-consuming. The enormous productivity of the Nozomi 14000 SD gives us the additional time we need for the finishing processes.

H. Birkin: During commissioning, we will be conducting numerous tests to explore the full potential of the Nozomi 14000 SD and to ensure that it is fully operational in time for our peak season – which traditionally starts in August and lasts until November.

Ms. Birkin, Mr. White, thank you for the interesting interview!

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