Anchor Hanover

We have worked with Anchor since January 2012 to provide a whole range of printed matter and fulfilment. We have developed excellent working relationships with their corporate and marketing teams evolving with them over this period.

Anchor Trust asked imageData Group to help transform their business and had 3 key objectives; an online template junction to send marketing collateral to all locations, targeted mailings and brand consistency. Improved efficiencies and cost savings were all to result from this.

Anchor’s marketing department previously had no control of what collateral was being sent out. There was no consistency of image use, font or layout. Furthermore, generic leaflets and brochures were not relevant to all enquiries, meaning lots of wastage.

Working with Anchor’s Marketing, IT and Business Support Team, imageData Group’s software developers set about creating a bespoke system. The system allows Anchor employees to design their own marketing collateral using defined templates. It ensures all images and logos are approved and compliant. The streamlined Web2Print solution fulfils all Anchor’s objectives and the central marketing function approves what is being ordered before it is processed. This allows for brand consistency and meets Anchor’s GDPR requirements. This has the added benefit of reduced staff numbers as previous manual tasks are now fully automated. Ultimately, Anchor now have complete integrity over their corporate guidelines.

During our time working with the Trust we have carried out many value engineering exercises providing new and improved solutions and identifying product improvements to enable considerable cost savings. Anchor’s marketing collateral was constantly changing and there was no conformity. By moving to print on demand we reduced the number of documents and in some cases consolidated information into one document. This reduced storage costs, space and obsolescence. Cost savings were also introduced on mailings due to reduced volume and size of printed matter.